Stainless Steel Wet & Dry Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner (15L)

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Technical Specification

Function – Wet and dry

Capacity- 15L

Power – 1000w


Mood of cooling – Circulating air cooling

Air flow rate – 48L/S

Vacuum suction – 210mbar

Length of the cable – 7M

Hose diameter – 36mm

Net weigh – 10.5KG

Gross weigh – 12.1KG

Packing:I PC – 440x440x570mm

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৳  16,000.00



Water steak, Dust steak, Hose, Steel tube, Round
brush, Vacuuming head, Lon flat steak, Long
Short connector, Straight tube .


Wet/dry vacuum cleaners make anything possible
when cleaning. Unlike conventional vacuum
cleaners, they don’t just suck up dust, lint and other
dirt, but also get rid of much rougher and even damp
dirt, water and other liquids. This makes them the
idea helper in the workshop and outside areas


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Stainless Steel Wet & Dry Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner (15L)

৳  16,000.00

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