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A huge Range of “Cleaning Products” Under One Brand, First time ever in Bangladesh. An Innovative, Effective, Smart and affordable solution for household, commercial and industrial cleaning.

Company History

Our Company was established in 2018 It was started with less popularity in a very small space and now it has been expanded in a large space with name & fame. We commit to adapt to the changing needs of business sectors and become a major player through satisfying specialized requirements of the small, medium, and large organizations. We value honesty and integrity. With Proclean our clients can expect transparency in all our business dealings.


Proclean understands the challenges of the modern cleaning industry and knows that planning, developing and adapting destination resources to the evolving needs of the market is the key to success. We take all trends in cleaning products business into consideration, invest in new infrastructure and offer both quality and price through state of the cleaning technology. In this way we can keep up with all new market demands and secure the future of our company as well. In the same way we are not only involved in the massive production but also provide the best quality products and services for individual clients and in corporate sectors. Offering Value for money is our main concept: due to our long term extended co-operation with major cleaning products we have obtained a strong purchasing power within the Bangladesh household cleaning accessories market.

Our Values

To apply honesty and transparency in all our dealings with clients and suppliers alike.

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